With people travelling all over the world to celebrate with us, we do not expect gifts on top.This registry has been created only so that people who are determined to get us a wedding gift can do so in a way that will be meaningful for us, and without any baggage weight considerations.

What we want most is for you to be there to celebrate with us!

So then, moving right along...

Seven years together, first in England then Australia, with plenty of travel in between - and a beautiful daughter to boot!

We have had a great time so far, and now we are getting married! We really hope that you will come and celebrate with us as we form Team Smith:

England   - 4th Jul 2015, 2:30pm: Gunthorpe Village Hall, David’s Lane, Gunthorpe, Nottingham, NG14 7EW

Australia - 5th Sep 2015, 2:30pm: 62 Mount View Ave, Hazelbrook NSW 2779


Look forward to seeing you!

Much love, Christopher, Erin and Bonnie. xxx 

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